Club Permit Scheme


Bellarine 4x4 Club Inc.
Club Permit Scheme - Policy


The introduction of the Club Permit scheme places conditions on Clubs and individual club members to ensure the intent of the scheme.

The Bellarine 4x4 Club policy and process must be followed for members to gain approval for a vehicle to be accepted on the Scheme. Members must meet the following criteria:

1. Applicants for a Club Permit must have been a financial member for at least 1 year before submitting a pre-approval form.

2. Applicants for a Club Permit must be proven to be an active member of the club, attending monthly meetings, club trips etc.

3. Vehicles submitted for a Club Permit must be at least 25 years old, as noted on the vehicles compliance or build plate. They must be well presented, period correct and reflect that the owner is a 4x4 or offroad enthusiast.

Comp trucks and vehicles with highly modified body work (e.g. ute chop) are currently not accepted under Bellarine 4x4’s CPS rules.

4. Vehicles registered under the Club Permit Scheme, cannot be used in any form which could generate a monetary gain or reward for the permit holder.

5. The vehicle must be accepted by Bellarine 4x4 Club Officers at the Pre-   Approval stage and then obtain a roadworthy certificate in order to gain access to the scheme.

If you are NOT currently a member of the Bellarine 4x4 Club but have read and agreed to the criteria above and would still like to discuss potential membership we would love to hear from you!