Bellarine 4x4 Club - Trip Reports

The Bellarine 4x4 club regularly partakes in various trips ranging from day trips to tours across the country. We will have as many reports on these trips listed here when available.


Portland June Long Weekend 2015

The day started off at the end of the day , I arrived at about 5.30 with Greg behind me to see Tim just finish unloading about 4 ton of wood , couldn’t have planned it better , weather was cool but still pleasant we get a fire going have a feed and so the weekend starts. 
A bit of a wind over night but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the year , a few warming refreshments and watching the other club who where having as Tim said wood envy and soon beddy bye time. Saturday morning brekki time Richie and his lady arrive , soon after  Postie and his little brother arrive we rig up some fishing gear and down for our first crack , the entrance to to dunes is as rough as it has ever been and the sand is soft and powdery in places but to the beach we go , Postie catches a few small salmon and I think little brother gets a couple too , then wham postie gets a monster (mongrel ) the rest of us just look on, we give up.
Aaron arrives later in during the day with his mate Theo and kids , at the end of the day the fishing was pretty poor , for the whole weekend for that matter . Weather through day was great , a bit windy out on the sand but around the camp fire with the shade cloth wind break is was quite calm. Saturday night after meals of roasts etc sitting around the  blazing fire  and  reflecting on the the days activities and few warming ports and green ginger wine, time for bed.
Sunday up and at em, down for a fish to rough  ,no luck we go for a drive down to the other beach entrances we leave Tim there to try his luck  but once again to rough to fish.
Postie Aaron and myself (Radders)  cruise thru the soft as butter sand to the wall and it has moved back heaps to the last time we were there , we head back towards Tim with only one miner hiccup I get stuck. A combination of standard tyres , chopped up track and yes not enough oommphh. A 2 truck snatch finally gets me over the dune ,thanks fella’s and  back to camp.
I forgot to mention the wind changed and did cause a bit of grief thru the night but all was good . Sunday night a few showers of rain so the awings on the trucks  come out and still sitting around the fire saw the other camp scamper for shelter whilst we were warm and dry and having a merry old time .
Monday time to pack up and head for home , the sun comes out with a passing gesture just to build up our hopes and one by one we head out for home . All in all it was another great time down at the Dunes , good friends , meeting new ones having a few laughs , ales and tales and a variety of weather which never seems to deter us I think the ones that went had another memorable weekend , 




Portland June Long Weekend 2014


Portland seems to throw a few challenges at us, doesnt matter if its Australia Day Weekend or the June long weekend.

This trip was no different.

Few early starters Friday morning, Tim, Amanda and Lachie, Mark Radburn, and Greg Budge in the brand spankers Colorado along with Fozz and Mary, all ending up at the camp ground around 1:00pm.

After getting setup, we saw a GQ Patrol drive in towing a tandem trailer of wood. Driver approached us looking for Andrew, no one with that name here......long story short, Mark did a deal, and hey presto, trailer load of wood was left with having to cut it up ourselves, and no leeches !!

Posty turned up with modified trailer in tow, quick setup and ready to go in no time.

Of course, tyres down, flags on, and off to the sand for some driving, and most importantly checking out the beach conditions for fishing.

Bit of playing on the sand soon found us lowering tyre pressures more than what we started with, as the sand was very soft in places.

Back to camp, start a roaring fire with the stacks of wood we had. Murray and Gayle had turned up in the mean time and were setting up.

Now all was to do was to sit by the fire, talk crap, and wait for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Wayne and Dee had a disagreement with their GPS, thankfully they were able to call Aaron who gave them some directions, they ended up arriving safely.

Aaron and Zach turned up not long after, releived to see Wayne and Dee had arrived without issue.

Brett and Britt were the last to arrive, setting up, where's the fly for it Brett.....oops. Nothing a Tarp couldnt fix.

Saturday morning, not too early start, bit of brekky and organising of fishing gear.

Off to the beach, couple of Dune Buggy club members there fishing, nothing caught so far. Posty throws a line in and pulls in a large fish first cast.....look of disbelief and soon Dune Buggy Club members heading back to camp.....

Some nice fish were caught, interrupted however by Murray arriving at the beach with Brett in his Ute...Seems Brett had a problem.

Fishing gear packed up, headed over to the bowl where Brett's GQ was half way up the Bowl, with a bad case of excessive camber on the right hand front wheel. Seems a Tie Road had broken, and in turn, the diff had broken at the knuckle, snapped clean off, axle included.

This is the challenge we spoke of.

How to get a three wheeled vehicle off the sand and back to the camp spot.....

Brett was able to reverse down the bowl, and onto the flat.

From here Aaron and Mark towed him together across the sand and up a slight incline, where they promptly stopped, just too heavy.

Couple more vehicles hooked up, and from here, the 5 truck convoy, all tied together, managed to get back to camp with relatively little damage, bar the front wheel parting ways from Brett's truck. Greg picked it up in the Colorado ute, it was re united with the car in the car park....

By this time, we decided it was pretty much lunch time, so that was it.

Heading back down to the beach later in the afternoon, some of the best fishing we have had. more than enough fish to eat, freeze, take back home etc.

Back to camp after a little bit of driving about, settled in for the night with various meals and more firewood had been deliveed for us....we wernt going to be cold this weekend.

A night of merryness round the fire, port and various other beverages.

Sunday headed out to the beach again that morning, more excellent fishing, overall i think everyone at least caught half a dozen, some more than that.

In something of a rare occurance, mostly due to waiting for the tandem trailer to arrive for Brett's truck, we had an enjoyable afternoon sitting by the campfire sharing stories of various trips we have all done. With plenty of wood to burn, it was a nice change, just relaxing by a roaring fire, and de stressing.

Late afternoon the Tandem had arrived, Brett had summoned a few mates to arrange a trailer and bring it down. With the assistance of the dune buggy club, who had a front end loader available, we managed to load the truck onto the trailer, and secured it.

Off to the beach again for some late afternoon fishing, missed the window, only a couple of fish caught this time, interesting drive back to the camp site in the dark. Thank goodness for LED light bars.

A good cookup of fish that night, Wayne and his special concoction was very tasty, Mark rustled up some curried, shallow fried fish, and Posty threw a couple of special ingedients into a couple of fish on the coals. All tasted amazing, and there was plenty to go round.

Another late night of war stories and port. Burned plenty of wood because we could.

Monday no rush to get up and get organised.

Started packing up, decided to go for a bit of a drive to fill in some time, and let awnings and campers dry out a bit from previous night dew.

Went right as far as we could, then went left as far as the wall, very cold and windy, so came back again.

Back to camp and found Brett's truck had been picked up, Britt's parents had driven down to get it and bring it home for him. Sounds like young Brett will owe a few favours after this weekend. We think Britt has already put in an order for a horse float. ...

Thankfully the weather was kind, and allowed us all to pack up without issue.

As we said, never a dull moment in Portland, this trip was no different.

Thankyou to all who came along, and made it such a fantastic weekend.  


 Mount Cole - Anzac Weekend 2014


I don’t know what it is about when Anzac Day falls on a Monday or Friday to allow us a long weekend, but it would seem that the Bellarine 4x4 Club has some sort of synergy with this occurrence.   On Anzac Day, 2014, Tim, Amanda and Lachie, met Daryl, Ros and Family, along with Mark Radburn, and newcomer Matt, at Mortimers Roadhouse on Ballarat Road. Once we were all present, we travelled to Mick and Kelly’s, to rendevez with Arron and Kids, and Micks friend Brendan and Family.   Once all gathered, we headed off towards Beaufort, and arrived to fuel up at the servo, ready to head out towards our destination, Smiths Bridge Camp Ground. This took a little longer than expected, as it seemed the servo wasn’t expecting so much traffic on a Public Holiday !!   That said, we moved on to our destination, and arrived to unpack and get setup about 11:30am. Once unpacked, a bit of lunch and then off to collect some firewood, or so we thought.   Mark’s Trailer in tow, off we went down Fiery Creek Road to a spot we checked out with plenty of wood, next thing we see Mark with trailer behind, in low range starting to climb up a steep track and having a ball. Trailer bouncing around everywhere, he then decided to come back for another go.  Mick and Aaron thought this was too much fun to pass up, so went and had a go at it too !! Slight issue with a leaf spring getting hung up, didn’t cause too much of an issue as a little tug with a snatch strap and all good.   After a bit of mucking around, a couple of trailer loads of wood, off we went for another bit of a play, Mark still with trailer in tow. Found a small play area, known as the sand pit, with a bit of up and down and around, to have a bit of a play on.

Mark, still with trailer on, full of wood, had a go, and the two times he did, only lost two pieces of wood from the trailer….very impressive……   Time to head back to camp, Mark took the easy way, and the rest of us went for a bit of a look see at a track that we saw on the way to the sandpit, with encouragement from Mark..”it takes you back to the main road”  some interesting rocks, and trees down along the way, we got to the top of a range, only to not be able to go any further. Subsequent U turns were undertaken with various levels of success.

Back at camp, a good campfire and converstation, some under bonnet viewing and beverages.

Later that night we had the pleasure of our next guest, Marks friend Ritchie, otherwise known as Babycakes, in a stock GU Patrol Handgrenade. Shortly after a bit of a surprise visit from Mark and Wendy Oagle in the Jeep.

Bit of discussion over the following days activities, and decided upon leaving at 10:00am on our adventure.

Saturday morning, all were up and ready to go a little early, so off we went into the unknown.

First st0p a track or two off fiery creek road, and to the sand pit for those that had not done soe the day before, spent a bit of t'ime here playing around, then off onto the main road, and into the pines. THrough the pines we found our way over towards "Gentle Annie" which was anything but gentle, and one long hill climb. All vehicles through without any issues.

Next we moved on to Hell Hole Track. The bottom was very slippery, and we thought it might pose some problems for some of the smaller tyred vehicles, but all got up without any issues at all.

At this point we figured that we would try and find Ben Nevis Lookout. A short while later we found it with no problems, however the view was disappointing due to fog. That said, was well worth the visit, checking out the hut, and having a bit of a break.

Moving on, we decided to tackle one of the tougher tracks around the area, Eversley Surgarloaf track. This wasnt so bad, as we were going down not up, however it proved a challenge for some of the lower vehicles. Mark Oagle re arranged one of the side steps on the Jeep, an excuse for rock sliders..

Moving on we found our way over to Cinamans Camp Ground for our Lunch stop. An excellent spot to camp and stop for lunch, a hut and ammenities were there.

Moving on after lunch we found a couple of tracks to take us over toward Mount Cole itself. After finding the one we were looking for, we did the loop around  the top of Mt Cole, and then back down again.

Back to camp around Neil o clock, no damage really to speak of, all good.

AND THEN......

Mark drives straight past the camp ground, says, "ill be back in a minute"   OK

Shortly there after, he returns, "I found it" he says.

Found what ?

Turns out he went looking for the Powerline track the Tim and Matt had spoken of, and had suggested not really a track for this weekend. .....

SO, Mark with Babycakes on board, Arron and kids, Mick and Kel, Matt, and Tim and Daryl in Tims truck, went to "have a crack at the hill"

Did i mention it was already Neil O Clock?

Mark spent a bit of time trying to get approximately half way up, trying various lines, and approaches, but pulled the pin and reversed down in a somewhat surprising admission of defeat.

Then Aaron in the 100 Series on the Swampers decided to have a go. And have a go he did, so much so, Paige got out half way up, "because dad is freakn me out"  In a spirited drive, he got 3/4 the way up "the easy bit" before not being able to go any further.

While there was thoughts going on about what to do now, Tim and Darryl decided to try and go around another track to get to the top of the hill, and winch Aaron up.

As that was going on, someone disturbed a boulder, which un benown to all, hid a european wasps nest. Poor Paige and Zach got attacked and bitten mutiple times, Mark Radburn to the rescue, also being stung, and falling on his but. Kids were taken straight back to camp to be attended to by Amanda. Thankfully, after a phone call to Candice, no alergys, just sore and sorry for themselves.

While this was going on, Tim and Daryl had got themselves in a bit of a situation, trying to rescue Aaron. Over the other side of the hill, a track just as knarly as the one Aaron was on, Tim had slide sideways into a large washout, and onto his side, the only saving grace a tree dug into the rear quarter panel, and the tree underneath the car. No problem, will just winch out, so out comes the remote, and as it was being plugged in, the plug fell to bits.....bugger. On the radio for help, after Mark dropping the Kids back to camp, he would come round and help.

While that was happening, Mick was assisting Aaron to winch backwards down the hill, as there were numerous washouts and ruts that risked putting the Cruiser on its side, or worse, rolling all the way to the bottom.

Everything going ok with Aaron, Mark and Matt came around to help Tim. Mark drove up and parked a little bit behind Tim, and ran his Winch out, through a snatch block, and tried to Winch Tim forward and out of the washout......of course, the winch would not wind in......bugger again..

So, using the winch like a snatch strap, Mark reversed and Tim was then able to drive out. Slipping back in, same thing again, this time all good.

Now all we needed to do, was reverse back down the hill.....yeah right. Mark attempts same, and rolls a tyre off, nearly puts the truck on its side, and now we have another recovery going on.

Tim decides to reverse down the hill, did so without issue, now just to get Mark out.

Having tied his truck off to a tree, Mark was pondering his next move when Matt comes to save the day. Winching Mark back onto the track, and then reversing down the hill, we were then able to re inflate the tyre, and it was time to get out of there post haste.

Dark upon us, it was a relatively quiet drive back to camp....

Thankfully having enough firewood, we setup by the camp fire, and there we stayed, pondering the meaning of life, and just how lucky we had been with what we just went through.

Plenty of port.

Plenty of stories.

Plenty of reflection.

Sunday packed up after brekky, and a little bit of damage surveilance.

Homeward bound, we couldnt help thinking of the adventures we just had.

A fitting trip for an Anzac weekend.



SIMPSON DESERT TRIP 7/9/13 -11/10/13

We spent the first week with Dave Tatters and his family at Mungo national park , which is worth a look ,I had to back track to Mildura for minor repairs  and  we met Tatters at Bindara station which is on the Darling river and a great place to stay and  not far from Menindee , from there it was onto Broken Hill to meet up with the rest of the crew .

Arrived at Broken Hill on the Friday , set up our tents for the nite and it rained .

SATURDAY we did a trip to Silverton lead by Mark and Wendy ( thanks guys it was a great day out )did the touristy thing and went to the pub for a couple of coldies , back to BH and out to tea with most of the crew , Gary, Jane and the kids and Rob and Michelle arrived a bit later ( Rob had a serious discussion skippy on the way to BH which slowed the down ) .

SUNDAY saw us up at the big seat at the mine to do a photo shoot , (thank you Wendy) and to do some last minute shopping and repairs is needed.

MONDAY morning were all up and dare I say it a little bit excited we all line up out the front of the caravan park in convoy so Wendy can take a few photo’s ,

In no particular order only because I’ve forgotten ,MARK & AGG ,FOZZ & MARY , JODIE  RICHARD & BLAKE, ADRIAN & WAYNE , DAVE NIKKI JASON & LAUCHIE , JASON KELLY HAMISH & MIA ,GARY JANE GEMMA & ALEX , ROB MICHELLE & MICK and WENDY & MARK slotted in there as well. Wendy took some photos and we were off to the great unknown (all except Mark & Wendy ) , stopping at Packsaddle for lunch and a couple of wash downs and on to Tibooburra for the first nite staying at an Aboriginal Land council Reserve with showers toilets and gas bbqs ,

TUESDAY we all packed up and leaving camp when Fozz noticed an alternator problem after several attempts to fix the problem without success it was decided that he would head back to BH to fix the problem , off we went Fozz , Mary and me and Agg ,

WEDNESDAY we left BH and headed to Cameron Corner to catch up with the rest of the convoy (which was prearranged on Tuesday ), reaching CC about 2.30 had a few coldies and took a few photos in SA, NSW and QLD and we were off to the next camp site which was Merty Merty .

THURSDAY we left Merty  Merty which was a great spot to camp and onto Innamincka , once there we went to see the dig tree and Burke’s grave site and had lunch on the cooper river and off again to Birdsville via Cordillo Downs , Australia’s biggest shearing shed ,we didn’t get to Cordillo Downs  so we camped in a roadwork station for the nite .

FRIDAY we stopped at Cordillo Downs station for a look and it was impressive onto Cadelga ruins , it’s got me beat how anyone could live in these areas for any length of time there is nothing here barely any trees and water , but they do , onto Birdsville , set up and a cold beer and out for tea at the pub  ,oh yeah and watch Geelong get beat doh! So far so good as far as breakdowns are concerned .

SATURDAY happy birthday Gemma , off to the Birdsville bakery , a bit of an icon in these parts , back to the pub for some photos , with everybody fuelled up once more we are off to cross  the Simpson Desert which is what we all came for , up over Big Red which I thought was no big deal from the way we came (east to west),photos were taken and off we went down the road a bit and Gary had a mechanical problem which turned out to be a broken engine mount in the 60 . While it was being fixed we strung a shade sail up and put out a few awning because there’s no shade out here , and Bob Schwuch and family and Wayne & Dee Lansbury turned up , they were travelling west to east , repairs done a bit of a chat and away we all went in our separate directions again to find another camp in the desert .A few beers and a feed and of to bed .

SUNDAY, happy anniversary Jason & Kelly, up and at em and we’re off again to the big beyond heading to Poepels corner , which I would have missed if it hadn’t been for Jane and Jodie , thanks ladies . Lunch at Poepels corner and off again to do another days driving over sand dunes down the K1 to Poeppels corner west along the French Line south down Knolls Track  where we set up camp for the nite.                             MONDAY we headed west along Rig road past the big eagles nest , Sth down Erabena Track west along Rig Road past the lone gum , we stopped to have lunch in the heat and a bit of a sand storm, continuing along Rig road Nth turning west at the WAA line stopping at the Glen Joyce oil well(abandoned) for the nite .

TUESDAY Dave , Nikki and boys headed off early homeward bound due to time constraints, which  saw the rest of us heading west along the WAA line and then Nth up to the French line towards Purni Bore , stopping taking photos and having a rest then continuing along the Spring Creek Track to Dalhousie Springs , we were advised not to camp there because the mozzies where rife so after a swim in the spring which was close to 40 degrees we set off to Mt Dare over corrugated roads and gibber stones, Gary and Jane had a problem with the rear shocks on the 60 , I’m not sure exactly what happened but I think  they broke off and ended up in the back of the 60 for the rest of the trip as it turned out the air bags saved the day and on we went  for fuel, food ,beer and bed ,not necessarily in that order , and what a friendly reception we got when we arrived (not ) but food was good beer was cold ,shower was well received .

WEDNESDAY after brekki we all doned our simpson desert crossing shirts and had photos taken and headed to Kulgera via Finke, a good place to drive thru , arrived at Kulgera early in the afternoon and decided to stay the nite as it has a pool for those who braved the cold water for a swim it was chilly to say the least , tea at the pub and many dust washing cold beverages off to bed , in a cabin as some of us did in Mt Dare

We did help drink the pub dry along with another group of people who were there. Jason , Kelly and the kids headed off towards Oodnadatta on their way home .

THURSDAY we headed for Yulara resort ( Uluru, Ayres Rock ) stopped at Curtain Springs for a break and dopey, me , realised I had left my credit card back at Kulgera so back I went some 400 + K turn around to pick it up while the rest headed to Yulara and we caught up that evening and with a few helping hands we were set up in no time . Next morning all but Agg and Mary got up early about 4.30 to go for a camel ride to see the sun rise around Ayres Rock and to have damper for brekki , it was certainly worth it except for the sore arse . with a few days to explore the area some chose to climb the rock while some chose to just sit around and relax, oh yeah and shop . We decided to stay an extra day to watch the grand final ,sorry Michelle , lucky we did because Kings Canyon Resort didn’t have TV reception , Adrian and Wayne left us the next day to head home. Nearly forgot Richard, Jodie and Blake did a helicopter ride over and around the Rock .

SUNDAY we headed to Kings Canyon Resort a fairly uneventful day from memory , called into Kings Creek Station on the way thru ,in hindsight probably should have stayed there but oh well ! got there early some set up camp and a couple of us stayed in cabins, went to the pub for tea the place was still not cleaned from the day before , the pool was dirty and the pump wasn’t running in my opinion the place was a dump

MONDAY we headed out to the canyon, almost took out a touro parked across the road in front of us pointing the wrong way  across the road(sometimes playing dumb does work ) and abuse doesn’t work ,anyway onto the canyon it was great to walk it again although some might have a different opinion . Back to the resort and pack up have lunch and head for Ormiston Gorge  for a well earned swim and camp for the nite .

TUESDAY we headed off to the Ochre Pits on to Serpentine Gorge and Ellery Creek Big Hole for a swim and then onto Alice Springs. We stayed at Alice for a few days everyone doing their own thing ,site seeing shopping sleeping in etc until we left Friday morning .

FRIDAY we headed down the old Ghan towards Chambers Pillar then down through Finke following the old Ghan and the Finke to Alice race track across to Lamberts geographical centre of Aust , arriving in the dark and setting up camp , it was a big day we covered a lot of Ks and I thank everyone for doing it , we did see camels in the wild that day ,finally .

SATURDAY saw us head off on our way to Oodnadatta via Eringa water hole and the old homestead , continuing on to Oodnadatta for the nite .

SUNDAY left Oodnadatta towards Coober Pedy , turning off to go through the painted desert which in my opinion was probably one of the highlights of the trip the onto Cooper Pedy for the night .

MONDAY we headed on to William Creek stopped at the pub had a few beers looked around ,stapled club stubby holder and a few old club membership card to the ceiling with the other hundreds of cards, licences

And other forms of ID onto Coward Springs for the nite to an oasis in the desert , palm trees showers toilets and a hot spring converted into a spa and the old Ghan siding museum .

TUESDAY continuing down the old Ghan road a bit to Mound Springs  to look at the Bubble springs flowing up from underground , travelling on stopping at various old restored and rundown railway sidings down past Lake Eyre Sth  on to Maree for a look around have a cool refreshment at the local , have lunch at the roadhouse , I believe they have the best pasties in the world there , from there on to Muloorina Station to camp and have a well earned swim and a few of us drove up to the bottom of Lake Eyre Nth for a look then back to camp .

WEDNESDAY headed back to Maree to have a good look around ,take a few photo’s have a look at the Lake Eyre Sailing Club fuel up and head for Farina ruins  ,an abandoned town which is now being restored , I think there was a story about it in the RACV magazine , but I could be wrong , down to Lyndhurst , Leigh Creek and to Hawker where we stayed the nite in various places of accommodation ,(motel for me happy wife pleasant trip home lol ) .

THURSDAY saw Gary , Jane and kids  leaving for Port Augusta while the rest of us headed down to Mildura but not before stopping at Oorooo for brekki and having the best kangaroo snags and bacon brekki ever so we all went to the kangaroo abbattoir and bought heaps of snags bacon kranskies salamis etc into Mildura for the nite ,out for tea  etc .

FRIDAY after a cold wet and miserable nite in Mildura  Rob ,Michelle and Mick headed off early ,they were heading home via Melb then Richard Jodie and Blake ,me and Agg headed off a bit later leaving Fozz and Mary , they left a bit later and didn’t have as far to travel home , a fairly uneventful trip until the rear panhard rod on my truck decided to strip out and part company  after a fix up job on the side of the road ,thanks Richard , on to Woomelang to get it welded and back on the road and home .


This is my basic version of the trip , to write about the whole trip would take me forever but this is the gist of it . There will be other versions from everyone else seen through  their eyes as there should be we all saw the trip in different ways but it was a fantastic trip I couldn’t ask for a better crew of people to travel with , the kids were all fantastic and put up with a lot over the time we were away as did the adults  so thanks once again to all  the people that made the trip what it was .I’m sure it will be talked about around the club and camp fires for sometime .

There was a lot of stuff we saw and did , not mentioned in the trip report , some stuff I forgot ,and some stuff to hard to explain in words .

Mark Radburn , trip leader  





Mystery Trip - Saturday 21st September 2013

7 cars left Cunningham Pier at 9.00am sharp, Clarkes in Fiona  with Club Rego (WooHoo)Ogles in the Jeep, Aaron in the 100Series, Gills in the  GQ, Jesse in the Disco, Burnetts in a GU(friends of mine)  and yours truly  in the Troopy.
  Sunday morning was misserable in Geelong, so  fortunately we headed North. By the time we got to Anakie the sun was shining  and clear blue skies were ahead. We kept going on the Ballan / Daylesford to  Sailors Falls where we turned left to go west around Daylesford and pick up the  Midland HWY and meet up with James Gills daughter Allie in her little Zook, then  we head into the north west part of Wombat Forest. The lower section is  prodominately pine plantation but on the western edge we found a some easy  tracks through the bush and after the recent rain it was slippery in  places, and plenty of puddles.
  Nearing lunchtime we stopped to get our bearings and  James discovered a Hut marked on his GPS not far from where we were, so off we  went to find it, we headed down what was to be be the wrong track but we came  across a running creek to cross and good hill to climb which lead us back to the  plantation track we had earlier been on, so we turned around and went back down  to the creek and climbed a slippery hill to keep looking for the Hut. After  Jesse struggled a bit with tyre pressure he got up the hill we found  our  way about 10min later at Lefrankes  Hut in this beautiful lush green field, it was so pretty you  would think it had a gardener looking after the  grounds surrounding the hut. (check the photos out).
  We all thought this is a great spot for lunch, so out  came the food and drinks and we all enjoyed a break from driving for a while and  took in the beautiful surrounds and wondered about its past.
  After lunch, and a group photo, we headed north  away from the Plantation and into Wombat Forest and spent the next 2 hrs  meandering through some tracks and creeks and puddles before heading out of the  east side of the Forest at the outskirts of Hepburn Springs. James and Allie  left us here to head back to Geelong, but I had one more mystery for the group.  We loved the way Allie asks her dad, can i go through that puddle  Dad?
  We headed North again  through Willow Tree (google  that place - i will sus that out in the future) then turned right past the poo  farm and came out at the base of Mount Franklin, turned right onto the Midland  Hwy travelled south about 2k,s and turned right into our "Mystery Destination"  otherwise known as "The Chocolate Mill" where we stopped and had a hot   chocolate  or  a coffee in the afternoon sun, Mark tried to poison us  with a Chille Chocolate that was soft and yummy at first before it set your  mouth on fire. We aired up the tyres about 4.15 for the drive back through  Daylesford to Geelong.
  Thanks to all who came along to the first of many  Mystery Trips, I hope you all had a great day as I did, good to have a couple of  new faces come along as well that may join us again I hope. Thanks James for  your maps. Wendy for the photos.
  Next Mystery Trip is the 20th October, We will decide a  meeting point at next meeting.
Cheers Kersh




Please see the attached photos and below trip report from Kersh regarding the

Ballarat 4x4 Club’s Training Track and facilities.

Myself, Rob, Kev and Jason (Chey, Michelle, Michael and Foz too) all had a look at Ballarat 4x4 Club training Track and facilities and we were all impressed and possibly envious of their set up. Great spot also to use as a base for weekend trip to see local tracks.

Ballarat Club was very welcoming and very easy to speak with in regard to Bellarine using their facility in the future, further details will be made available soon.

Thanks to Steve and Geoff from Ballarat Club.

SAM 0662 SAM 0660




Arrived at the Camp ground on Friday  roughly about 2.30 thinking we would be the first to be there , but not to be Tim and Amanda and Darryl and Ros and their families beat us . We all set up camp before the rain came

Which was more luck than design . We men  went and got a load of wood for the night the area had about 30mm of rain the night before so getting dry wood was almost impossible , and trying to light it proved to be a task on its own but with persistence and Tim’s fire starters we got it going all be it a bit smokey but still it was warm . Jason arrived later that evening set up camp and joined us around the fire . After a few warming beverages and a feed off to bed for me . Jeff , Kevin and Christian arrived during the night and set up (never heard a thing ) . Next morning Postie and family arrived  Brett and his girlfriend a short time later and Aaron arrived . I decided to go to town for a few supplies but alas the jinx of Portland hit me again, going back to town I didn’t even make it to the main road and 5th gear shit the tin . Got to town and back drained the box ,no floaty bits but lots of noises . Trucked parked again ,didn’t even get to air down this time . Later in the afternoon after getting more dryer wood this time we went to the sand for a drive and to do some fishing . We caught a few on Saturday , cooked a big one in the hot coals

as usual it tasted great ,sitting around the fire with great mates is all one can ask for on any trip and this was no exception , after lots of warming beverages again and  discussions about various subjects ( basically waffling shit ) it was bed time for me . Next day the troops were out on the sand again driving the bowl and having fun , down to the wall and around the paddock , in the arvo most of us went down to the second beach access to do a spot of fishing , quite a few were caught around  the 1 to 3 kilo mark and a few were returned to the water after a decent feed was caught . Back to camp, fish on the fire again a few beers  around the fire . Next day we all packed up and headed for home . Thanks Brett for towing my van out to the main road so I wouldn’t  do more damage towing up the big hill , I did tow it home without any trouble except for a hot and smelly gearbox as it turned out I stripped the spline on the main shaft and 5th gear was just sliding up and down the main shaft. I think the only other damage was Jeff busted a front hub . All in all it was another fantastic weekend away with club members and thanks to all that came down and enjoyed it with me and Agg

thanks once again Radders

5th of May 2013 – Otways Day Trip (Trip report from Tamara and Jess)


Everyone arrived at Bunnings Warn Ponds around 9 am. It was a good turn out of 2 Nissans, 1 Land Rover and 3 Toyota’s. To start off the day we all travelled from Warn Ponds to Forrest Caravan Park for a quick break and let the tires down. From here headed to Newcomb Spur, this track was fairly dry and was grated so it was an easy drive for the start of the day. From Newcomb Spur we went to Hayden Track. Hayden Track was wet and challenging, all through out the track there were decent ruts.


We then went to Cuirts Track; coming to the end of this track there was a river and a nice easy bog hole to drive through, which had the little kids excited. We stopped for a cuppa and to stretch our legs just after the bog hole. While everyone was sitting back and relaxing Lachlan, Finnegan and Sullivan were having a ball playing in the water. 


Wye Track was very wet and muddy, two people got stuck and had to be winched out. The first person to get stuck was Bill (Sandra and Michel), this put more excitement into the day and Lachlan, Finnegan, Annabel and Sullivan thought it was amazing to watch a car being winched out. That soon became two cars that had to be winched out. The second car was Mark and Wendy – who decided to take a similar route as Bill. After Wye Track we stopped for lunch.

We decided that we had time for one more track-Wye Jeep Track, which was an easy track.


Thank you to Mark, Wendy, Bill, Sandra, Michel, David, Jackson, Rob, Sandra, Annabel, Adam, Priscilla, Lachlan, Finnegan, Sullivan, and Danielle for attending this day trip. To James for running a fantastic, easy and fun day trip. I hope everyone had lots of fun J


Tamara and Jess.



Go Kart trip report from 16-4-13.

Jason, Kersh, Jeff, Josh, Christian, Adam,  Jim, Corey and Roxy attended for us. Jason provided the rest to have around 16 drivers in total. Good competitive races, no bad crashes just a few spins. Usual sore muscles at the end and no stories to tell cos they all pissed off home really quickly!!

1st Josh, 2nd Corey 3rd Jason,   Love to have a handicap system that would sort the lightweights from the larger boned species, one day.   



28th October 2012 - Track Clearing/Opening - Webmaster Tim

Most arrived at Bunnings somewhere around or before 8:30am, cept a few stragglers, whom turned up not long after. An excellent turn out saw 5 Toyota's, 5 Nissans and one Maverick travel towards Gellibrand to fill out paperwork and receive a briefing. This was after some quick work under the bonnet of a GU.

The trip to Gellibrand was slightly different, taking the scenic route and aparrently knocking off a bit of time along the way.

Coffee, snacks and more poking under the bonnet of a GU, we then filled out the paperwork required and received our briefing from Trip Leader Gary.

Moving onto the tracks, we quickly got to the first track where a certain 60 Series decided that the clutch was not going to function, before even getting through the gate. After some time spent trying to repair, the decision was made for the 60 to turn back and seek repair. About half way along a certain GU decided to chuck some water out again, so back it went aswell. 

The first track did not present too much of an issue as far as trees were concered, it was noted that there were tracks made around the gate, and obviously accessed in the period of closure, so photos were taken and GPS points noted.

The next two or three tracks were much the same, not much to speak of in the way of trees.

Just as Gary was telling us over the radio how good it was not to see many tress down, the cursing became aparrent, and we came across a rather large tree across the track.

The next 2-3 hours were spent clearing a path through this obsticle. It required many chainsaws, and was approximately 45-50 inches in width (2 20" chainsaw bars would not go through it )

We eventually cleared a path and continued on, with all remaining tracks cleared and now open for public use.

A long day, but an enjoyable one, thankyou to all who came along and volunteered your time to help out.  Hope to see you all again soon.

Webmaster Tim


27th October 2012 - GORBA Moyston Mallee Shield. (Trip Report from Neil)

Bellarine 4x4 club were invited to assist as Recovery Vehicles for the Geelong Offroad Buggy Associations Moyston Event. The day was very busy, with 24 Race Cars in total, and 4 Recovery vehicles present.  The 5km track presented a number of obsticles and proved difficult to master for some, recovery being required for a number of issues including Broken Wheels and Axles, Crashes and Roll Overs.

Everyone got their fair share of work, and everyone i spoke to had a very good time. Race Car Drivers as well as some first time drivers all said they would be back.

Thankyou to all that could come along and help out, hope to see you all again next year.

Neil Clarke